Our Personal Trainer

A little about me...

Kristie Barrett 

Master Trainer - Australian Institute of Fitness

Certificate IV in Personal Trainer 

Certificate III in Fitness Instructor

​Senior First Aid

Registered with Fitness Australia

Australian Fitness Network Member

Certificate in Outdoor ​Group PT Star 

Certificate in Fuelling Weight Loss

Certificate - Change your brain Change your body

Certificate - Hormone Highway for Women


I have always enjoyed exercising and getting outdoors for fun and to relieve the stress of everyday life. I love running, playing netball, going to the beach and just being active.

I am highly dedicated, motivated and passionate towards achieving positive results and have a genuine interest in helping you achieve your fitness goals. 'Your success is my success'. I run a small private personal training business and offer a very personal approach. You can contact me anytime and I am constantly checking up to see how your own training is going and making sure you are on track with your goals. 

I understand how difficult it can be to find time and continue with a regular fitness routine. With regular exercise you can improve both your mind and body.  Regular exercise leaves you far better equipped to lead a fitter, fuller, happier life.​ I'm not into extreme body building and quick fix diets, but more a healthy and sustainable lifestyle with long standing benefits for both physcial and mental health.

I look forward to sharing with you my passion for exercising and the benefits of the outdoors. 

Specialising in:

Excercise for wellbeing to help overcome depression and anxiety

Weight loss

General increase in fitness


Partner workouts

Range of movement

Balanced workouts

Agility training

"You will never regret going for a workout but you will always regret not going"

"I originally started with Kristie because I had, had a baby and my big goal was to run the City to Surf, so I needed to be fit. I was also recoveringfrom quite severe post natal depression. On our first meeting I just knew Kristie would be able to help me with both. I really can't sing her praises enough. Kristie is warm, friendly and funny and more importantly she gets results. She takes into consideration all of your goals and designs a program around that. Not only does Kristie help with the exercise but food and mental well being. Kristie takes a very personal approach with her clients, sending motivational texts and emails just to keep you on track and motivated. Kristie is flexible and will always do her best to accommodate you where possible. Work outs are always different and always focused to your needs or in my case, requests. She knows how to push and get the best out of you. After being with Kristie for almost 2 years, my goal changed, it wasn't jut to run the City to Surf but to become a lean, mean fighting machine and with Kristie 's help I am getting there."



"Starting up with OpenAir Fitness has been a great investment in me! Kristie's enthusiasm and positive attitude is infectious, I love that she texts to check in on you and your progress outside of the PT sessions and classes and most of all I love that she's got me running again and I'm actually enjoying it!"




"I have attended to two different programs with OpenAir Fitness and they have been awesome. Kristie is very enthusiastic and motivates us a lot. Highly reccomended."


- Glorelid, AUBIN GROVE


"Absolutely love Openair fitness! I train with Kristie 4 times a week and am constantly seeing improvements. She pushes me hard but is super nice - always says please! ;-) I simply wouldn't have the motivation without Kristie.  Very highly recommended!!! "




I could not recommend OpenAir Fitness more highly. When I started with Kristie I couldn't run 1km but thanks to her amazing encouragement and motivation I just completed the 12km hbf run for a reason. In every session Kristie pushes me to my limits in new and fun ways so that I dont even realise how hard I am working. I am the fittest I have ever been and I owe it all to Kristie :)




Been seeing Kristie for over a year now and enjoy every session we do. 
Kristie is a great Pt, Every session is fun and suited to what I want to work on at that time. Kristie is one of the nicest people you will meet and when it come to training is very understanding. She knows when you need to rest and knows when to push to give you the best results.
Suffering from anxiety for sometime Kristie has also helped with my confidence and getting fitter stronger both mentally and physically. Looking forward to many more sessions ahead.


- Chris, WELLARD

We train at Honeywood Oval

"Kristie is amazing. She invests in me and my training goals and offers fantastic support and advice. I have the motivation of a 100 yr old turtle so she works hard to push me to my limits. She puts up with my annoying habits with a smile and a motivational 'you can do it'. I have not regretted taking up personal training with Kristie, I am stronger, fitter and healthier in body and mind."


- Bronya, SUCCESS


"Fantastic personal trainer!! Kristie is genuinely interested in your goals and helps you achieve them with all of her training, ongoing support and encouragement. She is an excellent personal trainer and an amazing person! Thanks for being my PT Kristie.☺"




"Kristie is motivating, supportive and helped me achieve goals I never thought I'd be able to! Every workout is different and the support doesn't stop after your session is over. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to kick some bad habits and get in shape. Thanks Kristie for helping me find my inner fit-chick"



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"Who would have thought working out can be so much fun. I train with Kirstie twice a week (would love to do more – but she is a busy girl) and love the fact that she comes to your home leaving you no excuses to not show up for training. Kristie’s patience is a virtue.  I love the way she motivates and helps you to push that little bit harder to achieve your goals. 


Kristie has managed to help me change my lifestyle – gave up smoking, started walking more and eating healthier – I have just one more bad habit left to break."




"Lisa has since broken that last bad habit, I'm so proud" - Kristie


"Incredible Personal Trainer! Kristie helped me achieve my goals and more. She also has such a positive attitude and outlook on life it's impossible to not wear off onto you. She changed my life in such a great way. I highly recommend OpenAir Fitness"


- Alice, SUCCESS