The Outdoor Studio

OpenAir Fitness & Wellbeing offers a fully mobile outdoor personal training service. Servicing Perth southern suburbs including Wandi, Aubin Grove, Atwell, Harvest Lakes, Cockburn Central, Success, Hammond Park, and more... contact me today to see if I cover your area.

The studio is anywhere you want it to be. Be it your local park or the privacy of your backyard or lounge room. I will bring all the equipment to you. I understand time is important to you and I will do my best to work out when the time suits you.

​Studies have found that outdoor physical activity has a 50% positive effect on mental health rather than going to the gym. 

Stop ignoring your instincts get outdoors


1 You'll Blast More Calories
2 You'll Be Happier
3 You'll Fight Germs
4 You'll Think More Clearly
5 You'll Work Out Whenever You Want

6 You'll Get Exposure to Vitamin D

7 You'll Find More Fresh Air

8 You'll Discover New Exercises

9 You'll Have Mood Improvement

10 You'll Enjoy It